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[THREDDS #CUU-719322]: THREDDS - catalogRef vs multiple datascan

Hi Katherine,

> I'd like to be able to have one catalog.xml file with multiple
> datasetscans each with a different filter to create a hierarchical
> look for a bunch of datasets that are all under one directory

Yes, that can be done. Your attempt is failing due to a small problem with your 
datasetScan elements. The path attribute values must be unique. (This is true 
across a TDS. Meaning that each path attribute for all datasetScan and 
datasetRoot elements in all config catalogs for a TDS must be unique.) The 
reason is that the path value is how the TDS matches an incoming request URL to 
a particular datasetScan. I'm including my changes to your example below. 
Notice also that I'm changing the ID value as well (dataset IDs have to be 
unique in a catalog but it is convenient to have the ID match the path in 

> <datasetScan name="My Pressure Level Data"
>      ID="ecmwf19972001"
>      path="ecmwf19972001"


>      location="/data/ecmwf19972001/" harvest="true">
>   <filter>
>     <include wildcard="ggap*.nc" />
>   </filter>
> </datasetScan>
> <datasetScan name="My Surface Data"
>      ID="ecmwf19972001"
>      path="ecmwf19972001"


>      location="/data/ecmwf19972001/" harvest="true">
>   <filter>
>     <include wildcard="ggas*.nc" />
>   </filter>
> </datasetScan>

Hope that makes sense.

Let me know if you have any other questions or run into other problems.


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