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Re: forecast output management

Hi Thomas:

See "Using NcML in TDS" in the tutorial: 

There are some new options, still not documented. We are in the process of updating for the workshop, so we will have better docs in the next few weeks.

You can look at http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/idd/models.html  for 

Thomas LOUBRIEU wrote:

A few month ago, I've seen on UNIDATA web site a page on how to configure forecasting model outputs in TDS server but I cannot get it again. What is still available for that purpose in the latest TDS version ?

I have to manage netCDF files containing the whole output for one run (analysis at t0, forecast at t0 + 24h, forecast at t0 + 48h...) and I would like organize datasets as :
1) bulletin (1 dataset = 1 run)
2) homogeneous forecast steps (e.g. one time serie for analysis, one time serie for 24h-forecast, one time serie for 48h forecast...)
3) best estimate time serie (e.g. all analysis from previous runs + latest run).

I'm sorry because that issue has always been raised but I cannot catch the current status of TDS for that issue.




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