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Re: WCS and Projections

Hi Pauline:

The paper is a few years old, the TDS WCS service is ok as a production system 
IMO, within the limits that the paper outlines.

TDS is not supporting coordinate transformations because that requires 
regridding, which is non trivial for data (not pictures). Ideally, some other 
service would provide that, written by someone with expertise with that. 
Balaji's proposal to CF may solve the problem in a general way, but we havent 
had time to explore that in any depth.


Pauline Mak wrote:
Hi all,

I've recently read the paper titled "Data Access Interoperability within
IOOS" which recommended not to use the WCS server in a production
environment.  I'm not sure which version this referred to, but would
there be a production version of the server anytime soon?  I would
really like to use TDS to publish all of our datasets in as many
standards as possible.

I would also like to know whether applying a transform on the
coordinates on the irregular grid (assuming it's a projection that can
be mapped to a regularly spaced grid) will make datasets compatible with
WCS? nj22 certainly supports coordinate transformation, so perhaps this
can be applied when a WCS request is made?



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