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Re: hdf4/hdf5 [Fwd: Re: HDF4 support]


For HDF4-based HDF-EOS, see the following for Java API:


Wenli Yang
George Mason University

At 11:30 AM 5/7/2007, John Caron wrote:
Hi Rob:

We are looking for funding (or another group) to add an HSF4/HDF-EOS reader to the CDM and THREDDS. The NCSA library is in C, but we require 100% Java, so we cant use it.

Any ideas from anyone on where we might find resources would be welcome.
Rob Cermak wrote:
I guess we also have a large supply of HDF4 files.   I would 2nd the
motion for HDF4 support in Thredds :)
NCSA seems to be a fully operational hdf4 and hdf5 library for java.
How much effort would it take to adapt this for use in THREDDS?
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Subject: Re: HDF4 support
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Date:    Wed, December 6, 2006 2:55 pm
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Hi John,
Yuan Ho wrote:
John Relph wrote:
I was wondering if anybody has HDF4 support working in THREDDS.
No, I think only HDF5.
The THREDDS Data Server only serves data that the netCDF-java library
can read. As Yuan said, it can't read HDF4 but can read HDF5 (though it
isn't a full HDF5 implementation, so there are HDF5 files that it can't
However, if you are looking for OPeNDAP access, the OPeNDAP project
(opendap.org) does have an HDF4 server.

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