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Re: ldm-thredds.. Metar station problem...

Hi Rodrigo:

I checked with the IDV developers. Currently IDV is not able to read in station 
data such as Surface_METAR_20070410_0000.nc. We are working with them to make 
sure this happens ASAP. If you are reading ok in ToolsUI, you probably have 
done everything right on the TDS.


Rodrigo Sanchez wrote:

Recently I have installed thredds to serve some data
from our ldm site... I have used the config files:


recommended on thredds home page

on my ldm data directory /data/ldm..  etc, I have a
pub directory and below that, "decoded" and "native"
directories... I did a catalog follow the example in


today I was trying to use idv to see the catalog and
everything works great.. but surface data (Metar stations)
doesn't work ..  (message from IDV when I click over a
"*.nc" file .. for Example: Surface_METAR_20070410_0000.nc
under decoded/netcdf/surface/metar

There was an error loading the data:
No factory for dataType: OPENDAP.Station

and, when I click over "latest.xml" (on IDV)

An error has occurred:
Creating obs
 HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

I'm a little bit confused about that... Idv can't load the data, but when I use a browser, the same file works ok..


the netcdf 2.2 tools UI works ok too: dods://machine:8080/thredds/dodsC/station/metar/Surface_METAR_20070410_0000.nc

so... it is a thredds, idv or configuration stuff ?

thanks in advance

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