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[THREDDS #XBA-228331]: Unable to aggregate with NCML ....

Im running the TDS with the aggregation (no recheckEvery attribute). 

Im using the 
dataset, and successfully looping over levels and times.

I am noticing some wierdness in the handling of the name "Latitude_-90_to_+90". 
opendap has a known bug in handling "-". Can you change the name to something 
without special chars like - and + ?


1) try using the development version of ToolsUI if youre not already.

2) find the actual exception dump in the console and send it over.

I tries to reproduce your access in the code:

  public void testFMRCSubset() throws Exception {
    GridDataset dataset = 
    GeoGrid grid = dataset.findGridByName("Latitude__90_to_+90");
    assert null != grid;
    GridCoordSystem gcs = grid.getCoordinateSystem();
    assert null != gcs;

    Range timeRange = new Range( 2, 2 );
    int bestZIndex = 5;

    GeoGrid subset = grid.subset( timeRange, new Range( bestZIndex, bestZIndex 
), null, null );
    Array yxData = subset.readYXData( 0, 0 );
    NCdump.printArray(yxData, "xyData", System.out, null);


1) If you can, find out exactly which time and z coordinate you have.

2) Which lien is throwing the exception? geoGrid.readYXData( 0, 0 ) ?

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