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lost indices in opendap request


We are using the Netcdf-Java 2.2.18 library <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/> library in order to save OPeNDAP request results into netCDF files.

Our requests are like  :

And the code used to save the request result as netCDF file is :

final NetcdfDataset loDataset = NetcdfDataset.openDataset(lSURL, false, null);
try {
FileWriter.writeToFile(loDataset, "C:\\temp\\output.nc");
finally {

(Where 'lSURL' is the opendap request).

But the request which are sent to the server are like :
(idem for the dimension requests which are automatically generated by the API).

You can see that that the indices offsets (10 in our example) have been reset to 0 by the API before sending the requests (for dimension or variables) to the server.

Is there anything wrong in the way the API is used ? or is there a bug somewhere ?

Many thanks,


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