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[THREDDS #HZJ-336154]: Fwd: Re: Web Services to NAM12K

At that point you need to look at the coordinate arrays, which are in 
projection units.

You might find ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridCoordSystem useful:

   * Given a point in x,y coordinate space, find the x,y index in the 
coordinate system.
   * Not implemented yet for 2D.
   * @param x_coord   position in x coordinate space.
   * @param y_coord   position in y coordinate space.
   * @param result put result in here, may be null
   * @return int[2], 0=x,1=y indices in the coordinate system of the point. 
These will be -1 if out of range.
  public int[] findXYindexFromCoord( double x_coord, double y_coord, int[] 
result) {
    if (result == null)
      result = new int[2];

    if ((horizXaxis instanceof CoordinateAxis1D) && (horizYaxis instanceof 
CoordinateAxis1D)) {
      result[0] = ((CoordinateAxis1D) horizXaxis).findCoordElement(x_coord);
      result[1] = ((CoordinateAxis1D) horizYaxis).findCoordElement(y_coord);
      return result;
    } else if ((horizXaxis instanceof CoordinateAxis2D) && (horizYaxis 
instanceof CoordinateAxis2D)) {
      result[0] = -1;
      result[1] = -1;
      return result;
      //return ((CoordinateAxis2D) xaxis).findXYindexFromCoord( xpos, ypos, 

    // cant happen
    throw new IllegalStateException("GridCoordSystem.findXYindexFromCoord");

if you want to use it, open the dataset with ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset. More 
info at:


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