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About the viewers

Hi all,

We are working on installing and configuring a Thredds server at http://ers.cmima.csic.es/thredds. We have two questions about the viewers:

  1. When a user clicks on “Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) (webstart)” (for example at http://ers.cmima.csic.es/thredds/catalog.html?cmd=subset&catalog=http://ers.cmima.csic.es/thredds/catalog/ers/2001/08/25/catalog.xml&dataset=ers/2001/08/25/20010825.1343.n16.nc.bz2), webstart loads IDV but it doesn't load directly the 20010825.1343.n16.nc.bz2 file. Are we missing something?

  1. We are trying to add another external viewer. According to http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/tutorial/Viewers.html, fisrt of all we have to implement the Viewer interface. The question is: where is this interface? At the documentation it can be read that “Your class must implement the thredds.servlet.Viewer interface” but where can we find “thredds.servlet” package?

Thanks in advance,

Roger Olivella-Pujol
Institute of Marine Sciences (CMIMA-CSIC)
Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
(+34) 932 309 500 voice
fn:Roger Olivella Pujol
n:Olivella Pujol;Roger
org:ICM (CMIMA-CSIC);Physical Oceanography
adr;quoted-printable:;;Passeig Mar=C3=ADtim de la Barceloneta, 
37-49;Barcelona;Barcelona;08003;Catalonia (Spain)
tel;work:+34 932 309 500

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