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Re: XML Coordinates list

theres a few bugs in the documentation, but this should work to dump 

 java -classpath toolsUI.jar ucar.nc2.NCdump <filename> -ncml -c

use the toolsUI jar, since it has everything you need in it.

Ethan Davis wrote:
Hi Stephen,

Stephen Sinnis wrote:

If I use the NcML tab in JAVA NetCDF (2.2) Tools and turn Coordinates ON, I
can get an XML dump describing the 80km CONUS NAM, (as described below). Is there a command line equivalent of this?

The NcML web page (http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/ncml/) describes a number of ways to dump the NcML for a dataset: 1) Tools UI, 2) using the netCDF-Java API, 3) netCDF-Java NcDump, and 4) netCDF C library ncdump, version 3.6.1 or later. I would guess that the Coordinates ON option is not supported by the last option. Also, not sure how to specify the Coordinates info in option 3.

How should I include this information for use in an enhanced catalog?

Do you mean how should it be encoded in an enhanced catalog? Or what is the best way to get this information into an enhanced catalog?

Also, is it the variable information you want to include in an enhanced catalog or the coordinate information?



Stephen Sinnis
Pelmorex Media Inc

<variable name="x" shape="x" type="double">
<attribute name="units" type="String" value="km" />
<attribute name="long_name" type="String" value="synthesized X coord" />
<attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" type="String" value="GeoX" />
<values start="-4226.106971141345" increment="81.27099999999973"
npts="93" />
<variable name="y" shape="y" type="double">
<attribute name="units" type="String" value="km" />
<attribute name="long_name" type="String" value="synthesized Y coord" />
<attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" type="String" value="GeoY" />
<values start="-832.6983183345455" increment="81.27099999999996"
npts="65" />
<variable name="Projection" type="char">
<attribute name="Projection_Name" type="String"
value="lambert_conformal_conic" />
<attribute name="latitude_of_projection_origin" type="double"
value="25.0" />
<attribute name="longitude_of_central_meridian" type="double"
value="-95.0" />
<attribute name="standard_parallel" type="double" value="25.0" />
<attribute name="_CoordinateTransformType" type="String"
value="Projection" />
<attribute name="_CoordinateAxes" type="String" value="x y" />
<values />

I have installed:

Linux 2.6.17-1.2157_FC5
TOMCAT 5.17 JDK1.5.0_07

I am feeding NOAAPORT HDS|NGRID data to GEMPAK 5.9.1 gribtonc:

# ETA grid on Lambert conformal CONUS grid
HDS ^Y.Q... KWB. (..)(..).*/m(ETA|NAM)
PIPE decoders/gribtonc -l logs/gribtonc_nam.log



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