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Re: navigation information in GRIB2 datasets on THREDDS server

The projection parameters under the Lambert_Conformal variable follow the CF 
conventions, and are in fact sufficient for georeferencing. These use the FGDC 
projection parameter name and meanings; we consider them more understandable 
than the GRIB values, but it sounds like you are more familiar with the GRIB 

David Wojtowicz wrote:


*I’m having some trouble figuring out how to get all the necessary projection information out of the GRIB2 datasets on the motherlode THREDDS server.*

*I need to know the values of most of the items from the GRIB2 Grid Definition Section (section 3). For Lambert Conformal, the following values should be available. (See Table 1 below)*

*However, I only see the navigation information on the THREDDS server in the fragment from a ncdump of the dataset (in this case NAM, 12KM) that is shown in table 2 below.*

*Specifically, I need:*

*Nx*,Ny (obvious from the grid)

*La1, Lo1 *



*Dx, Dy *

*Latin1, Latin2*

*Projection* Center Flag

*Scanning Mode*

*It’s not clear how the values given in Table 2 (from the THREDDS server) map to the values specified in the original GRIB2 file as they have different names, and there doesn’t appear to be enough values to specify all of this. And even where I can guess that the one value maps to the other, I’m not sure if the units are compatible.*

*Any guidance would be appreciated. It is possible that the values from the Grid Definition Section could simply be represented as an integer array in THREDDS?*


*Table 1:*

*Grid Definition Template 3.30: Lambert conformal*

Octet Number(s)



Shape of the earth (see Code Table 3.2) <http://www.weather.gov/mdl/iwt/grib2/doc.htm#code3.2>


Scale factor of radius of spherical earth


Scaled value of radius of spherical earth


Scale factor of major axis of oblate spheroid earth


Scaled value of major axis of oblate spheroid earth


Scale factor of minor axis of oblate spheroid earth


Scaled value of minor axis of oblate spheroid earth


Nx - number of points along the X-axis


Ny - number of points along the Y-axis


La1 - latitude of first grid point


Lo1 - longitude of first grid point


Resolution and component flags (See Flag Table 3.3) <http://www.weather.gov/mdl/iwt/grib2/doc.htm#code3.3>


LaD - Latitude where Dx and Dy are specified


LoV - Longitude of meridian parallel to Y-axis along which latitude increases as the Y- coordinate increases


Dx - X-direction grid length (see note (1))


Dy - Y-direction grid length (see note (1))


Projection centre flag (see Flag Table 3.5) <http://www.weather.gov/mdl/iwt/grib2/doc.htm#code3.5>


Scanning mode (see Flag Table 3.4) <http://www.weather.gov/mdl/iwt/grib2/doc.htm#code3.4>


Latin 1 - first latitude from the pole at which the secant cone cuts the sphere


Latin 2 - second latitude from the pole at which the secant cone cuts the sphere


Latitude of the southern pole of projection


Longitude of the southern pole of projection

Table 2:

char Lambert_Conformal ;

Lambert_Conformal:grid_mapping_name = "lambert_conformal_conic" ;

                        Lambert_Conformal:standard_parallel = 25. ;

Lambert_Conformal:longitude_of_central_meridian = 265. ;

Lambert_Conformal:latitude_of_projection_origin = 25. ;

Lambert_Conformal:GRIB_earth_shape = "Earth spherical with radius of 6371229.0 m" ;

                        Lambert_Conformal:GRIB_earth_shape_code = 6 ;

                        Lambert_Conformal:DODS:strlen = 0 ;

            double y(y) ;

                        y:units = "km" ;

                        y:long_name = "y coordinate of projection" ;

                        y:standard_name = "projection_y_coordinate" ;

                        y:grid_spacing = "12.191001 km" ;

                        y:_CoordinateAxisType = "GeoY" ;

            double x(x) ;

                        x:units = "km" ;

                        x:long_name = "x coordinate of projection" ;

                        x:standard_name = "projection_x_coordinate" ;

                        x:grid_spacing = "12.191001 km" ;

                        x:_CoordinateAxisType = "GeoX" ;

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