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Re: LAS service tag

Hi Steven:

Its been on my list to figure out how to connect THREDDS to LAS. Let me ask 
some LAS people what they think.

Steven.Anthony wrote:
Hello there,
My name is Steven Anthony, and I am the new guy at the NOMADS team working with Dan Swank and Glenn Rutledge. I have been playing around with the TDS and have had some success with getting our datasets up with the datasetScan tag.

I am now toying with adding new services to the list. In the xml description linked below, there is a web service named LAS. In the description, it simply states " The *LAS* service type is for connection to Live Access Servers."

How exactly is it supposed to link to a LAS? Does it pass the link to dataset so that the LAS can display the data for you? (this is what I believe it does) or does it work in another way. If anyone can explain this in more detail, please feel free to. Also if there are sample <service /> tags that work with LAS, let me know.

Thanks in advance,
 - Steven Anthony

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