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Re: TDS and BUFR

All correct.

We are just getting around to testing BUFR, I would consider it alpha software for now. The CDM data objects will likely evolve some more.

Ethan Davis wrote:

Hi James,

The short answer is yes but not all types of BUFR files are currently supported.

Now for a slightly longer answer that John may want to correct as I'm not as up on our BUFR work as he is ...

John and Robb (also here at Unidata) have developed a ucar.bufr library. The netCDF-Java library, which TDS uses for reading data files, uses ucar.bufr to read BUFR files. I think there is a lot of variation in the data structure represented in BUFR files. Each type of BUFR files require some mapping into the netCDF/CDM data model. This is the hard part and will require on going work as we find new types of BUFR files. However, I believe we already have a number of "standard" BUFR file types being read by netCDF-Java. Another complication is that, like GRIB, BUFR also external tables (for parameter info and such) like in GRIB. And, as with GRIB, the different "centers" can extend the "standard" tables. So that adds to the work.


James Gallagher wrote:

Ethan, John,

Does the TDS support BUFR?

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