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Re: New Model Ag Service for TDS

dan.swank wrote:

1)  This seems to be an issue of incompatible clients.
GrADS is expected to be spoon feed the projection information
in a particular fashion it understands ~
 and it obviously is not smart enough to read the
char Lambert_Conformal; information provided by the TDS
and figure it out.  Not much can be done here until someone
updates the GrADS client.

2) By Grid-relative coordinates, I mean the x/y points as they appear
in the GRIB files. x=1 2 3 ... nx, y=1 2 3 ... ny.
This, along with map projection (char Lambert_Conformal;)
information needed to project the grid into lat/lon coordinates
is what GrADS is expecting.  I am not sure if putting
<variable> override tags in the TDS configuration can allieviate this.

I've cc'ed Jennifer Adams, perhaps she can clarify/correct my
understanding of the GrADS client...

sounds like we need some more info from GrADS...

3) In our NCEP GRIB archive ~ it seems, GRIB was never
designed to follow the convention of having a consistant reference
time and adjusting the forecast time to create the valid date.
Rather, the valid date of the record = the reference time for
analysis + any forecast hour. This is the cause of our
aggregation issues.

The FMRC should solve this problem.

We have just gotten non-aggregated NARR fiels on our TDS today
in our Test area :

they look good.


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