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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: Forecast Model Run Collection Aggregation prototype available]]

Glenn.Rutledge wrote:

Hello John,
Thanks for your note and offer to help and provide an alpha. Any time-scale you have for delivery is good with me! Dan Swank can provide details of our current configuration- Dan?

btw- Steven Anthony has just been hired to assist with our TDS and he's cc:ed.
Do you guys convert the NCEP grib to NetCDF or do you have the OPeDNAP portion of the server encapsulate?

The netcdf-java library converts GRIB-1 and GRIB-2 into the "Common Data Model" on the fly, which we can then serve through OpeNDAP, WCS, or write a NetCDF/CF file.

Finally, for a fist cut- we'll need basic (non-aggregation) capabilities for grib1-2 and that will also help get SteveA up to speed on TDS in general. Thanks so much- Glenn

Sounds good. Ethan will be the main support contact for NOMADS, but send messages to address@hidden, and whoever's available will help.

John Caron wrote the following on 8/15/2006 5:03 PM:

Glenn.Rutledge wrote:

Hi John and Ethan
SteveH passed your note to me. I think you're aware NOMADS / NCDC would be very interested in the new aggregation capabilities in the TDS. Not sure if Steve was implying we install the code or hit your new server as a beta. My preference is to adopt your latest here for testing and ensure NOMADS can provide archived NWP.

Yes, we'd like to get you up and running.
I should be able to give you an alpha release in a week or so. There are some performance issues for a site as large as yours. I assume that will take another month or so to get a production-worthy version done. Does that time frame work for you?

On our current install, we are having problems understanding the xml to the point where we can point to a file (grid), and wonder if you or Ethan can assist (is there a TDS helpdesk?). We need this TDS of course since it's advertised to handle grib2- and not sure how far along Jennifer and Brian are for that at COLA. For our GDS, we've developed a grib2-->1 dumming down, for subsetting etc. But the long term solution is the TDS I feel.

Especially for GRIB files, you likely need this new "Forecast Model Run Collection Aggregation" capability. We have been working with our IDD NCEP GRIB files, and there are some complications, especially non-homogenaity due to missing records and variable time and vertical dimensions, that cant really be solved by the current (index based) aggregation.
Ethan and I will work closely with you guys to get this working. I'd like to understand what you have in more detail, number and types of files, how they are stored, etc. Can you or someone summarize?


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