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Re: catalog schema question: variable element

Hi Darren,

Darren Hardy wrote:
Ok, so I could use two <variables> elements to provide all these descriptions, like so:

<variables vocabulary="CF-1.0">
<variable name="SST" vocabulary_name="sea_surface_temperature" units="degC"/>
<!-- Foobar omitted because it does not have a CF standard_name -->

<variables vocabulary="human-readable">
<variable name="SST" vocabulary_name="OI Cloud-free SST, blah blah blah" units="degC"/>
<variable name="Foobar" vocabulary_name="My foobar variable" units="m" />

It looks like the catalog schema provides for multiple variables elements, so this would work for me.
Currently, the schema only allows one <variables> element per dataset. The schema defines it like this

     <xsd:element ref="variables"/>

and the default for the minOccurs and maxOccurs attributes is one. So, I don't think a catalog with a <dataset> element that had two child <variables> elements would validate.

How are you planning on your catalog being used? Are you trying to feed this information into another system?


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