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catalog schema question: variable element

I have a question about the <variable> element in the inventory catalog schema. Suppose that I have the following information on a dataset variable (in DAS format):

Attributes {
    SST {
        String long_name "OI Cloud-free SST, blah blah blah";
        String standard_name "sea_surface_temperature";
        String units "degC";
    Foobar {
        String long_name "My foobar variable"
        String units "m"

As I read the catalog spec, I will lose the "human-readable" long_name attribute (ala CF-1.0):

<variable name="SST" vocabulary_name="sea_surface_temperature" units="degC"/>
<variable name="Foobar" vocabulary_name"Foobar" units="m" />

Am I missing something? Is there a way to retain that human-readable description of the variables?

Darren Hardy
Ph.D. Student
Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
University of California, Santa Barbara

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