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Re: Another quick question

Rob Weingruber wrote:
Hi ;-)

Im thinking about how we might provide our 'webservices' on top of
3rd party data repositories. If we use NCML to define our local aggregate
(over time) data sets, then 3rd parties can use NCML and Thredds (with the TDS's
Opendap-like servlets) to serve up their data sets to our 'web services'. In other
words, we would use NCML and the nj22 API to access local files, and use a
NCML/TDS combo to access remote files.

nj22 can access remote files using opendap or http, so you dont need TDS per se.

So here's the question: Would Thredds (TDS) be required for the 3rd parties,
or could they get away with simple OpenDAP? ie: Can OpenDAP serve up
NCML-defined data sets?

Thanks ;-)

If "party 1" provides simple opendap access, "party 2" can in principle add NcML aggregation that uses their opendap datasets, and provides a single, aggregated dataset. However, NcML can currently only scan local directories, so the aggregations would have to be explicily constructed (ie you cant just point to a directory and say "all of these" ).

Not sure if i aswered your question. let me know.

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