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Re: Proper URL format?

Hi Tim:

1) have a look at the form at:

that dataset goes from Lat: 57 to 12 degees north
Lon: -153 to -49 degrees east

not sure what "140.2 to 160.0" means here, dunno if youre thinking of a global grid? If 
you are thinking of "over midwest", which would be in the range of -100 to -80

probably entering in "bad" longitudes makes the TDS do wierd things, without 
warning. sorry theres not better diagnostics.

2) when the data is on a projection, the lat/lon bounding box is approximate; we dont reproject, just return some reasonable rectangle.

address@hidden wrote:

From the specifications here,


I'm trying to create a URL for retrieving data.  The URL is below:


The server returns the grib2 file attached, which I have also coverted to CDL
using ncdump.exe.

Based on looking at the CDL, it appears that the lat/lon in the CDL aren't
matching my inputs in the URL.

CDL lat/lon range:   54.05 - 54.57 / -152.48 - -152.89
URL lat/lon range:   30 - 35 / 140.2 - 160.0

Can you explain to me what is incorrect in my URL, or how I am misinterpreting
the CDL.  I apologize if I am missing something simple or obvious.  This is the
first time I have tried accessing this data in this fashion.

Tim Whiteaker

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