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GALEON background and status information


Some of you are not able to get at all the information associated with GALEON teleconferences and meetings, so I've made summaries of a couple key documents available on Unidata web pages.   In particular, changes to the Web Coverage Service, WCS 1.1, are under consideration that will make CF-netCDF one of the supported encoding formats.  The essence of the changes is provided in two documents.  The first summarizes the revised section of the spec itself:


and the second is the draft WCS 1.1 application profile for encoding CF-netCDF. 


According to the revised WCS under consideration, an application profile of this sort has to be approved by OGC for WCS encoding formats.  Note that the draft of the CF-netCDF application profile is preceded by background information.

For those of you interested in additional topics under discussion within GALEON, a list is appended to this note.

-- Ben

Teleconference discussion topics:

1. GALEON issues at the June OGC Technical Committee Meetings.  Most of the discussion related to GALEON will take place at:
There is a 40 minute placeholder for "GALEON Phase 2 planning" at the end of  the Coverages WG session, so it would be good to identify who will be there, who would like to participate via telecon, and, most important, who will give presentations.

Two pending documents are of special relevance:
Section of the WCS 1.1. draft is especially important because it changes the way WCS encoding formats are determined.  Adoption of this combination will establish CF-netCDF as a supported coverage format.

2.  Where do we go from here with the GALEON IE and GALEON OGCnetwork?

Need to define prioirities or subgroup responsibilities:
3. Outstanding issues, e.g.:

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