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Re: New TDS functionality

should work now, let me know if you see that problem again

Ben Domenico wrote:
Hi John,

This had been working great for me, but today it fails when I try to get subset a recent forecast from the server by using the link below with yesterday's date. Has something changed on that machine in the last few days?

-- Ben

On 4/1/06, *John Caron* < address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

    An experimental new functionality in the TDS is available on our
    development server (motherlode:9080) for all the NCEP model data.
    See, for example:


    This allows one to subset gridded data and get back a NetCDF CF
    file. I mentioned this to David Maidment's student, but didnt get a
    response back. I also think this is what we should sell to OU/ADAS,
    WRF etc.

    The API is not final or complete, but it should be suitable to try
    out the functionality. A bit of documentation is at


    For good measure, I added WCS serving to all NCEP model data on
    9080. Ben, I would guess that the "The OPeNDAP/OGC Gateway Work
    Plan" might want to crawl this catalog, looking for WCS access, and
    putting them into their WCS Catalog, but i havent yet read their
    plan closely.

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