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Re: New Client Reply - [THREDDS !LZY-162811]: (No Subject)

You should be able to access the data now. Please make sure that your downloads 
are running efficiently, and are not terminating and restarting. If you 
systematically need to recieve the data all the time, you will need to install 
an LDM and get someone to feed the data to you.

jlqqs wrote:
New Reply: (No Subject)

Dear Supporter:
  You are right. Because I have not time to download everyday, so I had been to 
download mang files once. Now, I use GFS model 0.5d high-resolution data for 
Numerical Model simulation and climatic analysis. However, I try to enter the 
data downloading web, but still cann't enter it. So, I need you help again.

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