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Re: [Java-dev] XML Standards

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Aaron Braeckel wrote:

> What I have been looking at is a bunch of schemas at
> http://www.wmo.int/web/www/WDM/Metadata/WMOCore_v0-2_040916/
> In particular, though, I am looking at
> http://www.wmo.int/web/www/WDM/Metadata/WMOCore_v0-2_040916/metar_template_v0_2.xml.
>  I don't know whether this is in proposal stage or not.


wow, this seems to be the metadata standard that the WMO approved. The
metadata overhead is large considering the small amount of data in the
reports. the <contentInfo> implies that the data should be included and
all the elements <featureAttribute> does not cover all of the 140+ METAR
fields that can exist in a report.

I don't favor this at all, maybe if the metadata was used like a THREDDS
catalog metadata, and all the files(reports) are represented as urls. The
idea is that the metadata would only be represented once and all the
reports would be in a directory under it. But this is almost another

I did create a java METAR decoder that produces XML in the following
format. This method only produces parameters for the fields in the report.


<station name="KDTN">
        <parameter name="Date" value="2005-12-23T12:15:00"/>
        <parameter name="Report" value="KDTN 231215Z AUTO 16005KT 3SM VCTS
+RA BR OVC026 23/23 A2991 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SW AND W P0006"/>
        <parameter name="Report_Type" value="METAR"/>
        <parameter name="AUTOS" value="1"/>
        <parameter name="Wind_Direction" value="160"/>
        <parameter name="Wind_Speed_KT" value="05"/>
        <parameter name="Visibility_SM" value="3"/>
        <parameter name="Weather" value="VCTS +RA BR"/>
        <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Type" value="OVC"/>
        <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Height_Feet" value="2600"/>
        <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Height_Meters" value="780"/>
        <parameter name="Temperature" value="23"/>
        <parameter name="DewPoint" value="23"/>
        <parameter name="Inches_Altimeter" value="29.91"/>
        <parameter name="Automatic_Report" value="AO2"/>
        <parameter name="Hourly_Precipitation" value="0.06"/>
        <parameter name="Plain_Language_remarks" value="LTG DSNT SW AND
<station name="KDNV">
        <parameter name="Date" value="2005-12-23T12:15:00"/>
        <parameter name="Report" value="KDNV 231215Z AUTO 04006KT 5SM BR
CLR 23/21 A2991 RMK AO2"/>
        <parameter name="Report_Type" value="METAR"/>
        <parameter name="AUTOS" value="1"/>
        <parameter name="Wind_Direction" value="040"/>
        <parameter name="Wind_Speed_KT" value="06"/>
        <parameter name="Visibility_SM" value="5"/>
        <parameter name="Weather" value="BR"/>
        <parameter name="Cloud_Type" value="1"/>
        <parameter name="Temperature" value="23"/>
        <parameter name="DewPoint" value="21"/>
        <parameter name="Inches_Altimeter" value="29.91"/>
        <parameter name="Automatic_Report" value="AO2"/>

> In this case, XML is the clear choice over BUFR for our needs.
> Human-readability is VERY important to our user base.  Based on what
> I've been hearing anecdotally, it doesn't sound like everyone is fully
> in favor of using BUFR.  It will be very interesting to see where this
> goes.  NetCDF, BUFR, HDF, GRB, and others are each popular in certain areas.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
> Robb Kambic wrote:
> > Aaron,
> >
> > Before i add my opinion, where is the WMO standard for METAR XML located?
> > i was aware proposals but nothing definite.  also i heard WMO was
> > considering bufr to distribute the data.
> >
> > robb...
> >
> >
> > On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Aaron Braeckel wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Has anyone come across any XML standards for decoded METARs, TAFs,
> >>PIREPs, or AIR/SIGMETs?  Do you know of anyone who might have come
> >>across them?  I am trying to standardize our format and I am looking for
> >>options.  I am aware of the WMO standard for METAR XML, but I am not
> >>completely comfortable with it.  It seems a bit difficult to work with,
> >>and in this case our data is getting distributed outside the
> >>organization so clarity is important.
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>Aaron Braeckel
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