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Re: [Java-dev] XML Standards

Here is an example of what we have been using, we have a queryable
service.  Here's the current result from the request

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response version="1.0">
  <data_source name="metars" />
  <request type="retrieve" />
  <errors />
  <warnings />
  <data num_results="1">
      <raw_text>KDEN 231653Z 27020G28KT 10SM FEW080 SCT120 BKN160 11/M05
A2993 RMK AO2 PK WND 27028/1650 SLP097 ACSL DSNT S T01061050</raw_text>
        <cloud_condition sky_cover="FEW" cloud_base_ft="8000" />
        <cloud_condition sky_cover="SCT" cloud_base_ft="12000" />
        <cloud_condition sky_cover="BKN" cloud_base_ft="16000" />

If you are interested, you can take a look at what we're doing at

We are trying to bring our formats in line with the rest of the
community, but the community itself is so fragmented that I have yet to
find a real standard.  We have the option of providing data in multiple
formats, but I feel that that would fragment groups even further.  I
would prefer to adopt a single standard and try to unify what people are
using.  Our format was modeled in form after what the NWS is publishing,
but their format is for human-readable purposes (RSS) and ours is for
bare data access so our content differs.  I have been talking with Bob
Bunge from the NWS, and I am waiting to hear his opinion on the WMO

So if you know of any other widely-adopted formats, I'd be happy to hear
about them.  Another format I came across was the Navy's OMF.
http://www.metnet.navy.mil/Metcast/XML/OMF.html  I haven't looked into
that one in enough detail to comment on it.


Robb Kambic wrote:
> Aaron,
> wow, this seems to be the metadata standard that the WMO approved. The
> metadata overhead is large considering the small amount of data in the
> reports. the <contentInfo> implies that the data should be included and
> all the elements <featureAttribute> does not cover all of the 140+ METAR
> fields that can exist in a report.
> I don't favor this at all, maybe if the metadata was used like a THREDDS
> catalog metadata, and all the files(reports) are represented as urls. The
> idea is that the metadata would only be represented once and all the
> reports would be in a directory under it. But this is almost another
> topic.
> I did create a java METAR decoder that produces XML in the following
> format. This method only produces parameters for the fields in the report.
> robb...
> <reports>
> <station name="KDTN">
>         <parameter name="Date" value="2005-12-23T12:15:00"/>
>         <parameter name="Report" value="KDTN 231215Z AUTO 16005KT 3SM VCTS
> +RA BR OVC026 23/23 A2991 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT SW AND W P0006"/>
>         <parameter name="Report_Type" value="METAR"/>
>         <parameter name="AUTOS" value="1"/>
>         <parameter name="Wind_Direction" value="160"/>
>         <parameter name="Wind_Speed_KT" value="05"/>
>         <parameter name="Visibility_SM" value="3"/>
>         <parameter name="Weather" value="VCTS +RA BR"/>
>         <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Type" value="OVC"/>
>         <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Height_Feet" value="2600"/>
>         <parameter name="Cloud_Layer_1_Height_Meters" value="780"/>
>         <parameter name="Temperature" value="23"/>
>         <parameter name="DewPoint" value="23"/>
>         <parameter name="Inches_Altimeter" value="29.91"/>
>         <parameter name="Automatic_Report" value="AO2"/>
>         <parameter name="Hourly_Precipitation" value="0.06"/>
>         <parameter name="Plain_Language_remarks" value="LTG DSNT SW AND
> W"/>
> </station>
> <station name="KDNV">
>         <parameter name="Date" value="2005-12-23T12:15:00"/>
>         <parameter name="Report" value="KDNV 231215Z AUTO 04006KT 5SM BR
> CLR 23/21 A2991 RMK AO2"/>
>         <parameter name="Report_Type" value="METAR"/>
>         <parameter name="AUTOS" value="1"/>
>         <parameter name="Wind_Direction" value="040"/>
>         <parameter name="Wind_Speed_KT" value="06"/>
>         <parameter name="Visibility_SM" value="5"/>
>         <parameter name="Weather" value="BR"/>
>         <parameter name="Cloud_Type" value="1"/>
>         <parameter name="Temperature" value="23"/>
>         <parameter name="DewPoint" value="21"/>
>         <parameter name="Inches_Altimeter" value="29.91"/>
>         <parameter name="Automatic_Report" value="AO2"/>
> </station>
> </reports>

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