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Re: Quering datasets

David Moises Barreto Santos wrote:
Hi all,

I am a new user and have studied Thredds in order to build an infrastructure for registered several opendap servers, distributed among differents sites, in catalog. Once they are registered, I want to query which servers have data on a certain range longitude/latitude for the temperature variable, for example. This is possible?

Firsly, my plan is register all interesting opedanp server. Next, I could submitt queries (through DQC) as which servers (or datasets) has data on a certain range longitude/latitude for the temperature variable. The meta-attributes are automatically extracted from das/dds or I have to define them?



Hi David:

Im afraid we dont have any search capabilities built into thredds yet. Some 
day, but not yet. You can use catalogs to store various metadata, but you would 
have to implement the search yourself.

Sorry I couldnt give more help.

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