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Re: TDS server

Michael, sorry I took so long to respond to this:

Michael Burek wrote:

I'm going to be attempting to integrate the TDS into the CDP catalogs. I'm having a little trouble teasing out what is required to do in the catalogs I already have via CDP the crawler to get the TDS to serve them. I've been looking though the documentation and it's difficult to separate what is required for catalog building from what is required to access the catalogs.

congratulations, you're the first!

I have an instance of the latest TDS server running in my sandbox, and it obeys commands, as far as I can tell. I've edtited the catalog.xml file to point to a directory on the CDP and I think I'm seeing normal behavior, so it appears to me that I've got it set up correctly

I have three things I'd like to enable in the near term:

1. Accessing a container dataset in the TDS for subsetting and eventual aggregation, one dataset at a time. I don't want to expose the entire catalog at one go.
2. Accessing individual data items for subsetting.
3. Enabling WCS service for container datasets of appropriate makeup

by subsetting i assume you mean opendap serving

In the longer term I'd like to:

1. enable TDS with restricted datasets with the interface Bryan, you and I were emailing about.
2. Have Ferret/LAS access with the TDS
3. Offer services that access GRIB files when you get to that part of your project/

we can do GRIB files already. just pretend they are netcdf files. there is a complication that we need to write an index file for each grib file, so you may have to manage that a bit.

What I've tried so far looks like this fragment. I've left in the other service tags which are already there, that work. Hope that's not too much clutter. This catalog can be accessed by your catalog services at:

http://dataportal.ucar.edu:3080/thredds/catalogServices?catalog=http:// dataportal.ucar.edu/metadata/acd/mozart/mozart2/ mozart.v2.1.maccm3.thredds.xml

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

ok, im looking at


1) im seeing HTTPServer URLs eg:


this should probably be


however the thredds server which should be at


"is not available"



seems to be running

2) You are also going to have to associate a datasetRoot with it, i might guess 
this should be:

<service base="http://dataportal.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/data/acd/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/"; 
serviceType="HTTPServer" name="DISK">
 <datasetRoot path="data/acd/mozart" dirLocation="/raid/f1/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/" 

3) Looking at:

<service name="TDS_OpenDAP" base="/thredds/" serviceType="OPEnDAPt" desc="TDS OPEnDAP 
  <datasetRoot path="mozart" dirLocation="/raid/f1/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/" />

you probably need this to be more like:

<service name="TDS_OpenDAP" base="/dodsC/" serviceType="OPEnDAP" desc="TDS OPEnDAP 
  <datasetRoot path="data/acd/mozart" 
dirLocation="/raid/f1/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/" />

and the datasets will need access:

 <access serviceName="TDS_OpenDAP" urlPath="h0040.nc"/>

4) Im not sure what/if you are using this for:

<service name="OpenDAP" base="http://dataportal.ucar.edu:8079/thredds/dodsC/"; 
serviceType="OpenDAP" desc="OPeNDAP server at NCAR"/>

lets continue this on monday if possible...


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<catalog xmlns="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/thredds/InvCatalog/v1.0"; xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"; xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"; xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/thredds/ InvCatalog/v1.0 http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/schemas/thredds/InvCatalog.1.0.xsd";>
<service base="http://dataportal.ucar.edu:8080/data/acd/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/"; serviceType="HTTPServer" name="DISK"/>
<service base="/EMMONS/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/" serviceType="SRM" name="MSS"/>
<service name="LAS" base="http://dataportal.ucar.edu:9032/cdplas/servlets/dataset?dset="; serviceType="LAS" desc="Live Access Server at NCAR"/>
<service name="OpenDAP" base="http://dataportal.ucar.edu:8079/thredds/dodsC/"; serviceType="OpenDAP" desc="OPeNDAP server at NCAR"/>

<!-- service for TDS server -->
<service name="TDS_OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" serviceType="OPEnDAPt" desc="TDS OPEnDAP test">
<datasetRoot path="mozart" dirLocation="/raid/f1/mozart/mozart2.2/hist/" />

<dataset ID="ucar.acd.mozart.v2.1.maccm3" authority="ucar" dataType="Grid" name="MOZART-2 MACCM3 Standard simulation (v2.1)" harvest="true">
<metadata xlink:href="http://dataportal.ucar.edu/metadata/acd/mozart/mozart2/ mozart.v2.1.maccm3.metadata.xml" metadataType="THREDDS"/>
<metadata xlink:href="http://dataportal.ucar.edu/metadata/acd/mozart/ mozart.metadata.xml" metadataType="THREDDS"/>
<metadata inherited="true">
<property name="authorization" value="User" />
<access serviceName="LAS" urlPath="MOZART2-v2.2"/>
<access serviceName="OpenDAP" urlPath="Mozart.html"/>

<!-- access element for DODS access to the dataset -->
      <access sercviceName="TDS_OpenDAP" urlPath="mozart.html" />

<dataset ID="ucar.acd.mozart.v2.1.maccm3.h0040.nc" name="h0040.nc">
<dataSize units="bytes">836582060</dataSize>
<metadata xlink:href="http://dataportal.ucar.edu/metadata/acd/mozart/ncml/ h0040.ncml" metadataType="NetCDF"/>
<access serviceName="DISK" urlPath="h0040.nc"/>
<access serviceName="MSS" urlPath="h0040.nc"/>

<!-- attempted access tag for data item -->
        <access serviceName="TDS_OpenDAP" urlPath="h0040.nc" />

        <dataset ID="ucar.acd.mozart.v2.1.maccm3.h0041.nc" name="h0041.nc">
            <dataSize units="bytes">836582060</dataSize>


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