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Re: updating THREDDS to 3.2

you have to have a catalog.xml in the content/thredds directory.

you may be able to copy your old one there, it depends if you used reletive 
paths or not.

the easiest thing to get going is to create one in content/thredds, then add a catalogRef 
to yours in dodsC. you could copy webapps/thredds/initialContent/catalog.xml to 
content/thredds, modify the catalogRef in it to have an href of 
"dodsC/catalog.xml", and things should work.

while reletive catalog paths still work, we realized that using 
/thredds/<whatever>/catalog.xml was a better way to do things. So a better fix 
is to copy your real dodsC/catalog.xml into content/thredds, but change all the 
reletive references to start with /thredds/

sorry for the confusion, if its unclear send me your catalog and I can probably 
fix it.

Jerome KING wrote:
Hi John,

I removed the "thredds" dir under $TOMCAT/content/ and under
I dropped the new thredds.war and restarted TOMCAT.

I copied my old catalog.xml into $TOMCAT/content/thredds/dodsC. I
realized that you did not have a catalog.xml in this directory anymore.

I restarted tomcat and http://server:8080/thredds/catalog.html worked
fine but http://server:8080/thredds/dodsC/catalog.html gave me a Java
FileNotFound error.

I also realized that you don't have the HTTPserver and WCS services in
the catalog.xml under $TOMCAT/content/thredds.
I also tried to use my old catalog.xml (/content/dodsC/catalog.xml) and
copied it in /content/thredds but I got the same Java error.
I know the catalog.xml is valid since it works fine with the old THREDDS

So I am wondering if you got rid of the catalog.xml under
/content/thredds/dodsC to simplify things so users deal only with the
one under /content/thredds?

I reinstalled the old THREDDS 3.0 with my catalog.xml located under
/content/thredds/dodsC and it all worked fine again.

I looked at the documentation but did not see any notes about the change
for the catalog.xml under /content/thredds/dodsC

Thanks for any help on this issue.

On Mon, 2005-10-10 at 09:04, John Caron wrote:

Hi Jerome:

You cannot rename the thredds directory; if you want to run multiple thredds 
servers, you must run multiple tomcat instances on different ports (not hard 
but you will have to learn tomcat more deeply).

Your catalogs should work fine without change.

Jerome KING wrote:

Hi John,

A quick email to ask you about updating the THREDDS server.

I was thinking of renaming the thredds directory in the $TOMCAT/webapps/
and dropping the new *.war file there and having to customize all the
files again. Maybe you can tell me if I can copy my catalog.xml from one
version to the other...or if they changed...etc...

There might be an easier way that I have overlooked.

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