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Re: wrestling with new server

Hi Tennessee,

Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:

Hi John,

v3.2 installed. Apart from the problems with the debug interface, all going reasonably well.

I was able to publish a specific file, both from disk and accessed via HTTP. I'm still having trouble creating a dataset of these individual files however, even with your suggestions. If you look at the catalog below, everything works except for ids 3DOCEAN_0 and 3DOCEAN_1.
There must be something small I'm missing...


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="THREDDS Server Default Catalog : You must change this to fit your server!"

 <service name="thisDODS" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/">
   <datasetRoot path="test" dirLocation="content/dodsC/data/"/>

 <service name="footoo" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/">
   <datasetRoot path="data" dirLocation="/data/pymars/"/>

<service name="ncmars" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/">
<datasetRoot path="ncmars" dirLocation="http://linux-dev.bom.gov.au:8040/mars/"/>

I don't believe this will work. The datasetScan and datasetRoot does not yet support remote data file access.

<dataset name="AVHRR Sample 0" ID="AVHRR0" serviceName="footoo" urlPath="data/bufr_conversion_samples/AVHRR_SST_v0.nc"/>
<dataset name="AVHRR Sample 1" ID="AVHRR1" serviceName="footoo" urlPath="data/bufr_conversion_samples/AVHRR_SST_v1.nc"/>

<dataset name="3D Ocean Analysis" ID="3DOCEAN" serviceName="ncmars" path="ncmars">
<dataset name="31-08-2005" id="3DOCEAN_0" urlPath="ncmars/start_request/300/end_request/300.nc"/>
<dataset name="31-08-2005" id="3DOCEAN_1" urlPath="start_request/300/end_request/300.nc"/>

Try instead of the above four lines:

<dataset name="3D Ocean Analysis" ID="3DOCEAN">
<metadata inherited="true">
<dataset name="31-08-2005" id="3DOCEAN_0" urlPath="ncmars/start_request/300/end_request/300.nc"/>
<dataset name="31-08-2005" id="3DOCEAN_1" urlPath="ncmars/start_request/300/end_request/300.nc"/>

Are these supposed to be two different files? The urlPaths are the same except the second one was missing the "ncmars/" that the first one starts with. (I added it in my XML above but now they refer to the same file.)

Though, again, I don't think this will work because the datasetRoot doesn't point to a local disk.


<datasetScan name="Data" ID="rootData" path="data" dirLocation="/data/pymars/" filter=".*\.nc$">

   <metadata inherited="true">


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