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Re: thredds slowdown

Hi Tennessee,

There are a number of things that run when the THREDDS server starts up (including CatGen). So, depending on how your server is setup those things might be bogging down. How the logging and debug levels work has changed quite a bit in the last few versions. But you should find the THREDDS log files in the ${TOMCAT_HOME}/content/thredds/logs/ directory. You should also be able to set some debug levels in the web.xml file (you will need to restart the server after editing web.xml before the changes will take effect). There should be a logLevelDefault parameter you can change to DEBUG (its probably set to INFO).

In the version we will be releasing soon, we have improved and cleaned up the logging and added a web interface for changing the logging levels (no restart needed). We will be installing the new version on our production server this afternoon and if all goes well should release later this week. (Reminder: the new server doesn't yet do aggregation.)

Hope that helps. Let me know if you run into problems.


Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:

Hi all,

I have noticed something weird going on. When I restart the THREDDS
server from the tomcat manager, it will take a *very* long time to
restart. Sometimes it doesn't seem to do so at all.

When it is running, however, it's pretty responsive. Something just
feels "wrong" when it's restarting. There are quite a lot of files in
the catalog, but not a massive amount. I was wondering if anyone had
ever had this experience, how I could track what the THREDDS server is
actually *doing* by watching additional debugging in I could maybe turn
on, etc...


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