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Thredds / Agg server just ... hanging

Hi all,

I am having a totally weird problem. For no reason that I can think of,
the dods server is just hanging. Starting from scratch :

* Start tomcat. Visit admin page. All okay.
* Visit http://foo:port/thredds. All okay
* Visit http://foo:poty/thredds/dodsC/. It just ... hangs. No response
* Attempt to restart from tomcat manager. Entire thing just hangs.
Re-visit tomcat manager via URL bar. Thredds is stopped and cannot be
started (hangs).

Nothing in ~jakarta/logs/catalina.out, localhost.date,
~jakarta/content/thredds/logs/anything. Files report nothing but the
normal operation of everything.

I'm baffled. I tried messing about with the catalog (i.e removing the
data set I had just added when I found this out), but to no avail.
Everything was fine yesterday, but after making this change and copying
over the old catalog, all is fubar.


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