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Re: Newbie problems with catalog generator

Ethan Davis wrote:

> Hi Tennessee,
> Did you edit the config.xml file (which sets up the tasks) as well as
> the cat gen config file? I guess you must have if it is showing up in
> the interface. Make sure the period value is not set to zero; if it
> is, the task won't be run. Are you getting any messages in the log
> files? What version of the server are you running? Is this a publicly
> available server? If so, send me the URL and I'll take a look at the
> config files.
> Sorry these config file formats are so ugly. We're working on
> simplifying and cleaning up the configuration throughout the server.
> But for now ...

Well, as long as you're willing to help me, ugly is fine :)

After making that change, the server started to process the various
files. The exampls DODS catalog was generated fine, the example
filesystem catalog and my own filesystem catalog both failed with
similar messages. I've appended the results.

I think I'm failing to understand what exactly the serviceName, base and
accessPointHeader are actually used for.

As with regular catalogs, I assume one is used for reconstructing the
URL to the file to be resourced, and the other is used for constructing
the URL to be used in an OpenDAP request, but it's not clear to me
exactly what is happened. I read the documentation, but it was a bit
hand-wavy about the specifics.

Thanks for your help,

<catalog name="THREDDS CatalogGen test config file" version="0.6">
<dataset name="THREDDS CatalogGen test config file">
<service name="linuxdev" serviceType="DODS"
<service name="mlode" serviceType="DODS"
<dataset name="NCEP Eta 80km CONUS model data">
<dataset name="The DatasetSource "Local Disk Data Sets" could not be
expanded. The accessPointHeader
(/home/tjl/jakarta-5.0.28/content/thredds/cataloggen/) is not a
directory." serviceName="linuxdev"/>
<dataset name="NCEP GFS 80km CONUS model data">
<dataset name="The DatasetSource "model data source" could not be
expanded. The accessPointHeader (./content/thredds/cataloggen/) is not a
directory." serviceName="mlode"/>

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