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Re: Resolution for geospatial coverage

carl wolfteich wrote:

Greetings. My question concerns resolution for the geospatial coverage element for a dataset I am including in a thredds catalog. Assuming non-global coverage I see how to assign resolution for the northsouth and eastwest elements of coverage. But when I click on the link for "complete metadata" for the dataset, the resolution is not included. In contrast, the resolution for timeCoverage is listed under "complete metadata". Can I be assured that the resolution for geospatial Coverage is being read even though it is not being included in the readout for "complete metadata" like the timeCoverage resolution is? And as a followup question, in the Catalog Spec. Version 1.0 it does not include a provision for assigning resolution for global coverage, when using the shorter version:
<name vocabulary="Thredd">global</name>

Was this provision just left out and you can just add the resolution element similar to non-global coverage? Since neither is listed under "complete metadata", I wasn't sure. Thanks.

Hi carl:

Its just an oversight that the html is not displaying the resolution; we will fix this in our latest version. It is still in the xml.

I guess you would have to add the resolution like this:

<name vocabulary="Thredds">global</name>

We can add it to the list of issues as to whether to allow resolution without the start, size.

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