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Re: digest, etc

Robb Kambic wrote:

ok, the digest pw have been installed on motherlode and they appear to be
working. i logined to debug. there was one typo in your text explaining
digest, you said to edit conf/system.xml file, you meant to say to edit
conf/server.xml file huh.

ok thanks i will fix

another point about installation; the following environment vars need to
be set in the files: startup.sh, shutdown.sh, and tool-wrapper.sh (sp).
the top of the scripts mention that these environment vars needed set.
these are not the default configurations, don't know why these work on
cygwin but they do "not" work automatically on solaris.

can you find out why they dont work on solaris? i think they should.
it would be good to have less for the user to do if possible.
obviously the os400 seems to be a bug in solaris.

haven't checked
linux yet, but will do it later.  the last var os400 setting is needed for
the tool-wrapper.sh script used by digest.sh, otherwise digest.sh fails.

JAVA_HOME="/opt/jdk1.4.2" export JAVA_HOME

JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xmx512m -Xms128m"
export JAVA_OPTS



export LOGS

# OS specific support. $var _must_ be set to either true or false.

JAVA_HOME needs to be set, but i think it is when you install java.

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