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Re: THREDDS Data Server release plans

This sounds really exciting!

On Jun 30, 2005, at 2:06 PM, John Caron wrote:

We expect to release an enhanced version of the THREDDS Data Server later this month (July 2005). Besides providing the usual THREDDS catalog services, it will now have a built-in OPeNDAP/NetCDF server, as well as an experimental WCS server. The NetCDF server uses the NetCDF-Java-2.2 library which can read a number of file formats besides NetCDF, such as GRIB, NEXRAD level 2 and 3, GINI, etc. The gridded datasets are viewable through the IDV.

All of it is 100% Java, running within a Tomcat web server, and so is intended to be easy to install and configure. You no longer need to install a separate OPeNDAP server. The catalogs can be generated "on the fly" by naming the top data directories in the catalog. The intention is to enhance these catalogs with enough metadata to be able to (at long last) write DIF and ADN digital library records and import those into GCMD and DLESE discovery centers.

We will concentrate at first on making the THREDDS Data Server work with the IDD data. We are looking for a few IDD sites to test this server and provide redundant access to the IDD data. Please contact address@hidden if you are interested.

After that phase, we would like to start working with all of our THREDDS partners to install this server at your sites, and configure and enhance your catalogs. We expect that there will be a number of new features we will need to add as we encounter new datasets.

Other features we are planning or considering:

* The OPeNDAP/NetCDF server will be enhanced to replace the DODS Aggregation Server functionality. This should allow aggregation to be done efficiently on files other than NetCDF.
* add a built-in FTP and/or GridFTP server.
* read NetCDF-4 and HDF5 files.
* create aggregation services for point/station observation datasets.
* make all datasets viewable through the IDV

We would like to know what features are a priority for you over the next year. Please send your thoughts to address@hidden

Thank you for your continuing patience in this long development process.

James Gallagher                jgallagher at opendap.org
OPeNDAP, Inc                   406.723.8663

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