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Re: GCMD temporal coverage

hey Gene,

your message got lost in my box, too many emails.  things have been fine,
been working on decoding grib(1/2) files, etc, keeps me busy.

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 address@hidden wrote:

> Hi Robb...How goes it? A while back we did that little experiment with
> automatically populating the temporal coverage for near-real-time data. Do
> you have any more data sets that we can try that out on? If I recall, the
> script worked and we were able to populate the coverage based on a 5 day
> sliding window (though it could be any number of days) and keyed off the
> computer clock.
that sounds good. i don't remember what dataset we sent you,  can your
refresh my memory.  we have a bunch of datasets that come over the IDD
that are only kept for 5 days then expire.

last week it has snowed every day, it's winter wonderland here. nothing
else is new.

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