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Re: Grib2 / Re: Supporting other data formats

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Rob Cermak wrote:

> > One final note:  Grib2 is
> > on the horizon....COLA is very much aware of this but not a top
> > priority.  Anyone working this for GDS? Just wondering......

the THREDDS package using nj22 already handles grib2 as well as grib1. the
grib decoders are written in java and can be used as a seperate package.
the IDV now can read grib1 and grib2 files directly.


> But, with python and the pygrib2 module, grib2 is easy.  With the
> additional bonus of pyNGL python module and NCL, plots are easy with
> grib/grib2.  Convert grib2 to netcdf in a heartbeat.
> pygrib2:
> http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/people/jeffrey.s.whitaker/python/grib2/html/public/grib2.grib2-module.html
> You don't need NCL though to convert grib2 to netCDF.  So, its a natural
> module to add to your python collection.
> Rob

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