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Re: Error occurring in dods.dap.Parser

Unfortunately that seems to break thredds's parsing of catalogConfig.xml.

If I convert
<dataset name="Single-level Salinity Data" urlPath="stream=ocea,param=200,DATE=20000101,TIME=0000,STEP=0,EXPVER=0oc7,CLASS=RD,TYPE=AN,NUMBER=0,METHOD=0,LEVELIST=7.000,LEVTYPE=DP,REPRES=LL,DOMAIN=G,salinity.nc"/>


<dataset name="Single-level Salinity Data" urlPath="stream%3Docea,param=200,DATE=20000101,TIME=0000,STEP=0,EXPVER=0oc7,CLASS=RD,TYPE=AN,NUMBER=0,METHOD=0,LEVELIST=7.000,LEVTYPE=DP,REPRES=LL,DOMAIN=G,salinity.nc"/>

that is to change the first "=" to %3D, the hex code for "=", it seems to break the lookup. What I get is the error

Error {
   code = 1;
   message = "Dataset not found in catalog; urlPath= 

It would seem that thredds is converting the %3D to "=" in its head, then failing on the string comparison. Just my guess though.



Well. The problem is in your Dataset name:

} stream=ocea,param=200,DATE=20000101,TIME=0000,STEP=0,EXPVER=0oc7,CLASS =RD,TYPE=AN,NUMBER=0,METHOD=0,LEVELIST=7.000,LEVTYPE=DP,REPRES=LL,DOMA IN=G,salinity.nc;

The parser is barfing on the first "=" character (Line 58, column 9)

James? Is this in any way a legal name? If so, how does he need to "escape" the "=" (and possibly the ",") characters?

You could escape the '=' and ',' using the HTTP %<hex digit><hex digit> notation, I think. When the Java DAP 2.0 parser was written we had not encountered file names that broke the 'C identifier' mold. But that was just around the corner... Anyway, the C++ code lets just about anything be a file name. I'd try the escaping scheme and see how it works.


PS. I just checked the DDS parser and it will grok the percent sign, so you should be OK using that to signal the start of the escape sequence.

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