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Re: Serving local netCDF files though DODS

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 17:30, Tennessee James Leeuwenburg wrote:
> I am able to server local netCDF files from the current version of the 
> Thredds server. I have been struggling to get remote files working, so 
> my understanding may be flawed, but as far as I can tell, this is how 
> things work.
> Thredds uses a "service" to work out how to fetch your data. Each data 
> set has a "service" which you specify by "name" which says how the data 
> should be fetched. You can have a "NetCDF" serviceType for NetCDF data, 
> or "DODS" for data fetched from a DODS server. The "base" for local 
> netCDF files should point to a directory on your filesystem, including 
> any trailing "/".

Thanks for the info. I've set up several Aggregation Servers, but always
using OPeNDAP servers, never using local netCDF files. One question: the
"base"; that pathname is usually relative in the examples I've seen.
Relative to what?

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