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Thredds uses


I have just been looking at the state of the various DODS servers. My DODS work has been on hiatus while to cut a long story short "some other stuff was happening". I'm back on the wagon now.

Can you answer a simple question for me - Can the Agg server read netCDF files from a remote URL and serve them up?

I have a cgi script which will take my crazy MARS requests in a URL, and give back a netCDF file. What would be easiest for me would be to build a catalog of these using the Aggregation server. I had been working on modifying the back end of a DODS server, but it would be a very simple solution if I could just point the Agg server at a URL.

When I actually try this, I get some NullPointerExceptions in the log file, and the data set does not appear. It could be a bad configuration on my part, but I am not so sure. It works fine for the remote data sets in the sample configuration file, but obviously they are dods URLS rather than actual netCDF files.

I also have has some troubles with some local files that I have, again I'm getting runtime exceptions without any real explanation of what's going on.

I went looking for THREDDS source code. I think I have a copy of some anyway from about 8 months ago when I was tinkering with modifying DODS to be able to query my unusual database backend directly, but I would prefer to work off current code.


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