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20041014:XLink attributes vs url attribute

Hi all,

This message from Roland.


PS Roland, you sent this to thredds-dev and it bounced because ...

address@hidden is the open THREDDS list, address@hidden is a Unidata internal THREDDS list. Obviously, we didn't think about this being a confusing, non-standard naming scheme when we created the lists. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Folks,

I was just studying the 1.0 Catalog Spec to see what I would like to steal for defining a more complete LAS metadata element.

When defining the <documentation> or <metadata> element, references to external URLs are specified using XLink attributes, but when defining a URL pointing to an external reference for the <creator> element a simple "url" attribute is used.

What is different about these two situations that lead to the choice of XLink attribute group vs. a single "url" attribute?


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