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Re: vocabularies

Benno Blumenthal wrote:

Ethan Davis wrote:

We might want to allow multiple variable vocabulary names to each variable as well so that dataset variable names can be mapped into multiple conventions/controlled vocabs without repeating everything. For instance,

<variable name="wv">
<vocabulary_name vocabulary="CF-1.0">Wind Speed</vocabulary_name>
<vocabulary_name vocabulary="DIF">EARTH SCIENCE, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Winds, Surface Winds</vocabulary_name>
<units vocabulary="udunits>m/s</units>


An excellent point, which changes the way I think of attributes, and will probably change the way I code them: any attribute controlled by vocabularies might have different values for different vocabularies, and thus might get repeated. I take it that if I am willing to repeat everything, I am supposed to create a series of metadata containers, each with a different vocabulary, e.g.

<metadata vocabulary="DIF" inherit=true>
<vocabulary_name>EARTH SCIENCE, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Winds, Surface Winds</vocabulary_name>
<metadata vocabulary="CF-1.0" inherit=true>
<vocabulary_name>Wind Speed</vocabulary_name>

That's right. As InvCatalog 1.0 stands, the variables element is only allowed once per dataset element and once per metadata element, so repeating the variable information for different vocabularies would require enclosing each in a seperate metadata element.


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