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Re: 20040325:LEAD testbed data (fwd)


That sounds good -- so Keith would be the person to contact about what form they'd like to have the data in for use in ADAS. They may already have their own decoders or maybe they just use it in the form in which it arrives. But, since that's the first non-Unidata tool we plan to work with, it's probably a good place to start asking about requested forms.

Thanks for tracking that down. I believe Keith was the person talking about how ADAS works at the earlier meeting.

-- Ben

--On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 11:20 AM -0700 Doug Lindholm <address@hidden> wrote:

Kelvin put out a request for tool info including data requirements. Keith
Brewster is slated to handle the ADAS description.


Ben Domenico wrote:
Hi Tom,

Regarding decoding formats, I suggest you find someone in the ADAS tech
staff at OU and find out what form they assume the datasets will be in
for use in their data assimilation package.  That's one that we
eventually want to interface with so it would be good to know what
assumptions they make about the input data.

Unfortunately I don't know if we ever got an official contact person

-- Ben

--On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 10:48 AM -0700 Tom Baltzer
<address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Marcus,

FYI, you and I are on parallel paths in that I'm trying to get all these
elements up and running on the Unidata LEAD test bed as well as work on
documentation and other elements to assist other LEAD testbeds in
getting this stuff up and going.   It sounds like you're ahead of me,
(not surprising as I'm the new guy who has yet to figure much out!) but
I intend to catch up and collaborate with you on this effort.

Regarding the decoding of the data feeds, are you aware of any
indicators as to what form LEAD would like the various feeds?  I've
been looking to folks around here to see what they generally do with
each of the seven feeds and working towards setting up decoding in that

I'm also interested in hearing about any "gotchas" you encountered in
installing the pieces you have in place so far.


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The cookbook has much of the info you need, it's at:
oo k. html

But... It's not complete in all the configurations and the thredds.war
file is not in place yet. It will be there soon.  If you have package
questions send those to support, they will be forwarded onto the
correct people.  Other questions should go to me so I can improve the
cookbook documentation and forward those onto the LEAD folks here.


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Have you talked to Robb about this?  I thought he was working on an end
to end cookbook for these pieces.  He's especially aware of how the
decoders fit in.

-- Ben

--On Monday, March 29, 2004 10:11 AM -0700 Jeff Weber
<address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> FYI....
> Looks like that end-to-end documnent is needed sooner rather than
> I'll be ramping up my work in that area.
> Jeff
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> Jeff,
> Yes, things seem to be going well.  Regarding decoding data streams,
> this is where I am having great difficulty.  I can't seem to find any
> documentation that brings together how to use pqact.conf in
> with the decoders, netcdf, etc.  Pointers on this would be most
> helpful.
> In general, I am at a loss as to what one actually does with this
>   What I need is an end-to-end HOWTO or tutorial on how one sets up
>   LDM, configures pqact.conf with the appropriate decoders, sets up
> netcdf, set up OpenDAP/DODS to access these files, etc.  I've yet to
> find something that ties the whole picture together.  Again, any
> pointers would be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Marc
> Jeff Weber wrote:
>> Hi Marcus,
>> I see the data is flowing nicely to:
>> lead.extreme.indiana.edu
>> Can you update me on your successes or failures on decoding the data
>> stream?
>> Thank you,
>> Jeff
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