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datasetNamer: using DodsAttrib


I'd like to use the catalog generator on a bunch of netCDF files, and to use the datasetNamer to grab the global attribute "title" out of the netCDF files, rather than on the file name. I get the following output when I try:

address@hidden THREDDS]$ /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.1_02/bin/java -classpath cataloggen-0.7a4.jar:thredds.jar:jdom-b8.jar:dods.1.1.1.jar thredds.cataloggen.CatalogGen file:///home/mao/THREDDS/saatest.xml trash; head trash
readMetadataContent=[Element: <catalogGenConfig [Namespace: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/thredds]/>]
WARNING -- DatasetNamer.nameDatasetDodsAttrib(): dataset is not DODS accessible and so cannot be named using DODS attributes.
Here's my XML:
<!DOCTYPE catalog SYSTEM "http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/xml/CatalogGenConfig.0.5.dtd">
<catalog name="my data" version="0.6">
  <dataset name="SAA netCDF Products" dataType="Grid">
    <metadata metadataType="CatalogGenConfig">
      <catalogGenConfig type="Catalog">
        <datasetSource name="ds source" type="Local" structure="DirTree" accessPoint="/data/www/html/dods/saa/Products/netcdf/">
          <resultService name="DODSserver" serviceType="DODS" base="http://panther.ngdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/dods/nph-dods/dods/" accessPointHeader="/data/www/html/dods/"/>
          <datasetNamer name="netCDF namer" type="DodsAttrib" addLevel="false" attribName="title" attribContainer="NC_GLOBAL"/>
          <datasetFilter name="My Test" type="RegExp" matchPattern="\/.+\.cdf$"/>
        <datasetNamer name="dir namer" type="RegExp" addLevel="false" matchPattern="(.*)" substitutePattern="dir $1"/>
      <datasetNamer name="dir namer" type="RegExp" addLevel="false" matchPattern="(.*)" substitutePattern="dir $1"/>
It seems to me that the datasets are in fact DODS accessible, i.e., on a previous version of generated output using a datasetNamer based on filename, I am able to access the datasets through the generated output (THREDDS catalog) using IDV.

What am I doing wrong? (Am I using the wrong attribContainer value?)



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