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RE: THREDDS update


Sorry for the slow response - just got back from being out of the

We experimented with the catalog generator several months ago and at
that time it did not handle the organization of the data holdings we
were trying to catalog.  We have several datasets that are organized,
for functional reasons, with granules in daily directories - spanning a
number of years.  The generator choked on the large number of
directories and granules.  We will download the latest version and try
again but we expect that the easier solution will be to write our own
scripts to handle what might be a unique situation of the way we
organized these data sets.  We still need to get more proactive with
actually testing our datasets through some THREDDS enabled applications,
and are trying to utilize other data types and services through THREDDS
- such as WMS/WCS functionality.  We have recently developed an DODS
server using ESML on the backend to access heterogeneous data sets and
we would like to test this capability through THREDDS interactions as

Ken Keiser
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In conversations with some of you, questions have come up about whether
address@hidden email list is working properly.  There hasn't
any activity on it lately, so I thought I'd send a note out to the list
see if it's working and to ask for an update on the status of any 
THREDDS-related work you've been doing.

I'm especially interested in experiences of data providers with THREDDS 
catalog generation/service tools and also any progess in the area of 
THREDDS catalog access from those groups working on data access and

At this point it's also especially important to hear your ideas on where

the THREDDS project should be headed from here.

In case you have not heard, we are pleased to have Mohan Ramamurthy on 
board as the new director of the Unidata Program Center.

Please let me know if you receive this message and respond to the 
address@hidden email list with your status updates and 
suggestions for future directions.

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