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Re: metadata tags

Just an fyi...To get the DIF, you just need to use this url:
where entry_id is the GCMD entry_id. In the case of HELLERMAN, it would
This returns the html version of the DIF.
You could also use the http api and construct a complete query in the url:


you can also retrive the "raw' DIF that can be edited or even an XML DIF
by specifying the format in the URL.

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On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Benno Blumenthal wrote:

> In the spirit of wouldn't-it-be-nice, I'll put out a request for a better 
> idea. 
> I think we are missing the boat a bit with respect to the metadata tag, but I 
> am
> not sure of the solution.   Consider GCMD, for example.   You have included 
> as one of the metadata types, but from a client point-of-view, that is much 
> less
> than what can be done.
> Consider for example, HELLERMAN,  which is a GCMDID.   With that id, I can ask
> the GCMD for many versions of the metadata, including I suppose the DIF 
> document
> itsself (though offhand I do not know how to construct the URL to get the 
> DIF).
> Sample url (html):
> http://gcmd.nasa.gov/servlets/md/getdif.py?entry_id=HELLERMAN&xsl=full_display.xsl&portal=gcmd
> Obviously if I am writing an HTML client, the html version would be nice.  If 
> I
> am editing DIFs, I probably want the DIF version, etc.
> So are these different metadata?  Or are they metadata-services on the same
> metadata, i.e. I can get it translated by various servers?  
> Benno

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