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Re: collection vs dataset EOD? Re: orthogonality (was Re: New attempt)

Quoting Ethan Davis <address@hidden>:

> Umm. Wasn't Joe saying that the difference in meaning between datasets and
> collections is that collections contain related objects and datasets
> contain
> alternate views of the dataset or subsets of the dataset?
> To show that differnce, it seems like there would have to be a difference
> between <collection> elements and <dataset> elements. They would be
> identical
> except that <dataset> elements can contain <access> elements and
> <collection>
> elements cannot.

Joe said that, but I was steering away from that interpretation of access
elements (as was John's last e-mail). In fact, there is no difference between
the two things:

1) collections contain related objects
2) datasets contain subsets of the dataset.

i.e. subsets of a dataset are related objects.

access elements within a particular dataset promise alternate delivery of that
complete dataset object.   datasets within a dataset promise part of that
dataset:  the relationship between (sub-)datasets and access objects of the
parent dataset is more-or-less the same relationship between (sub-datasets) and
parent datasets.   More to the point, you should not be talking about those
relationships -- you should be talking about relating access elements of
subdatasets to access elements of datasets.

In summary -- do not name access elements -- it just leads to confusion.


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