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Re: orthogonality (was Re: New attempt)

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From: "Benno Blumenthal" <address@hidden>
To: "John Caron" <address@hidden>
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 2:09 PM
Subject: Re: orthogonality (was Re: New attempt)

> Hi John,
> access and entry are not peer elements:  access is subordinate to entry.
> The point we wanted to make is that an entry exists whether or not it can
> accessed, and there can be a number of different accesses for an given
> entry.    If that number is zero, you call it a collection, if that number
> greater than zero, you call it a dataset, if you want the things that you
> talking about to be independent of protocol, you call them the same thing,
> this case entry.
> Personally, I think the case is overwhelming that collection be dropped.
> more sense to call what is left a dataset than an entry, but obviously it
> isomorphic to what is needed, so for a machine readable document I can
> complain.
> Benno

I sympathize with this design, but there are a number of subtle issues that
I think we need to clarify before we commit to it. Lets follow your line of
thought, and modify Joe's example to use dataset where he uses entry:

<service name="X"/>
<service name="Y"/>

<dataset name="my_dataset">

    <metadata name="global-metadata" url="..."/>
    <access name="global-X-access"/>

    <dataset name="monthly-data">
      <metadata name="monthly-metadata" url="..."/>
      <access name="X-with-COARDS" serviceType="X" url="..."/>
      <access name="X-with-no-COARDS" serviceType="X" url="..."/>
      <access name="X-flattened-to-2D" serviceType="X" url="http://..."/>
      <access name="Y" serviceType="Y" url="..."/>


What is the relationship (if any) between the peers

    <access name="global-X-access"/>
    <dataset name="monthly-data">

The same question asked in a different way:

What is the meaning that <dataset name="monthly-data"> is contained in
<dataset name="my_dataset">. Do we expect monthly-data to be a subset of
my_dataset?  Do we expect that <access name="X-with-COARDS"/> is some kind
of subset of <access name="global-X-access"/>

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