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Re: New attempt

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From: "Benno Blumenthal" <address@hidden>
To: "John Caron" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: New attempt

> John Caron wrote:
> > I will think some more about that, and ask if others have ideas about
> > also. I also want to double check that this example:
> >
> > <dataset name="LEVITUS94 dataset" urlPath="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/dods"/>
> > <catalogRef xlink:title="Drill down into dataset"
> >
> > />
> >
> > accurately reflects the capability you envision, except that there is no
> > indication that these two are the same object.
> >

> It accurately reflects a capability that I envision, *but* it is not an
> of the capability that I was trying to present with
> this example.
> <catalog>
> <service ID="IngridDataset" serviceType="Compound"
> base="http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/";>
> <service serviceType="DODS" suffix="dods"/>
> <service serviceType="Catalog" suffix="thredds.xml"/>
> </service>
> <collection name="LEVITUS94">
> <attribute name="fullname" value="LEVITUS94"/>
> <access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/"/>
> <attribute name="references" value="Conkright:etal1994 Levitus:Boyer1994a
> Levitus:etal1994 Levitus:Boyer1994c"/>
> <documentation>LEVITUS94:  World Ocean Atlas 1994, an atlas of objectively
> analyzed fields of major ocean parameters</documentation>
> <documentation
> <document
> name="oceanviews"/>
> <document
> name="oceanviews2"/>
> <document
> xlink:href="http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.Zmix.html";
> name="Zmix"/>
> <dataset name="ANNUAL">
> <access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.ANNUAL/"/>
> </dataset>
> <dataset name="MONTHLY">
> <access serviceID="IngridDataset" urlPATH="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.MONTHLY/"/>
> </dataset>
> <dataset name="SEASONAL">
> <access serviceID="IngridDataset"
> </dataset>
> </collection>
> </catalog>
> Here I have drilled down into a dataset that can be served as a DODS
> I call it a collection, because it is the top container for this catalog
> because this has been causing a great deal of confusion and I am hoping
> will be clearer).   It can be served as a DODS dataset, so there is an
> for the collection.

One thing I dont understand is what is the relationship between whats
contained inside the collection vs. whats in the dataset you specify through
the access element? The user should understand them to be the same (although
in fact the writer could accidentally or on purpose make them unrelated)?  I
presume that the ANNUAL, MONTHLY, and SEASONAL datasets are a different way
of accessing the collection dataset? Or should they be thought of as
different, but related datasets?

In this spscific example, you also specify that the collection has a service
of type Catalog <service serviceType="Catalog" suffix="thredds.xml"/>. What
is the relationship between that catalog and what is contained in the

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