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Re: New Catalog XML Draft -- example

Hi John,

An example would certainly be in order.   Within Ingrid/IRI data library, the url for a dataset is a virtual directory, different files within that directory contain the different representations of that dataset, e.g.   dods.das, dods.dds, dods.dods,   data.cdf,  data.r4,  data.s4, data.txt, index.html,  index.xml, .... .   Filters on the data and metadata appear as subdirectories, e.g. a filter which transforms the metadata to be COARDS compliant  would mean appending   COARDS/   to the dataseturl.  There are also filters for averaging, svd analysis, etc, but I was not trying to go there at the moment.

To describe this as a serviceList, I would envision something like the following:

<servicelist  ID="Ingrid" base="http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/">
<service type="DODS"  urlsuffix="dods">
<service type="DODS" subtype="COARDS" urlsuffix="COARDS/dods">
<service type="netcdf" urlsuffix="data.cdf">
<service type="netcdf" subtype="COARDS" urlsuffix="COARDS/data.cdf">

<collection name="LEVITUS94">
 <collection name="ANNUAL">
            <dataset name="PO4" serverID="Ingrid" dataType="GRID" urlPath="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.ANNUAL/.PO4/"/>
           <dataset name="NO3" serverID="Ingrid" dataType="GRID" urlPath="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.ANNUAL/.NO3/"/>
           <dataset name="temp" serverID="Ingrid" dataType="GRID" urlPath="SOURCES/.LEVITUS94/.ANNUAL/.temp/"/>




And I would hope the client would generate DODS base urls like




depending on whether it wanted the COARDS subtype or not.

One could envision large service lists, so one might want to allow doing it by reference (would only have to download a servers servicelist once).


P.S.   the 'netcdf' service above refers to http delivery of complete netcdf files: I only include it as an example and probably would not advertise the service since I would rather clients use DODS anyway.


John Caron wrote:

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> It would be particularly nice if we could specify suffixes in the service
> as well, for servers that add different suffixes for different datatypes.
> I was also wondering about service subtypes, e.g. COOARDS for netcdf
> since many client developers insist on COOADS, it would be nice for
servers that
> are more general to be able to also generate DODS datasets with (and
> COOADS metadata.

could you give me an example for both these ideas of how this would look in
XML and how it would be handled at the client or server?

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