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Re: text versions for using the NSDL Communication Portal

I sure agree about Word and PP -- that's why I try to use StarOffice for
such things.  Just for grins, I opened Chris' Word file in SO and then
just saved it as HTML -- the result is at:


The HTML is not too onerous.

But, actually, I was hoping to promote document preparation in HTML.
Just as you, I find converting between formats to often produces
"interesting" results, whereas simple HTML is nowadays pretty universal.
Now if I could only convince NSF/Fastlane (although I see that PDF is
not the only format available these days...HTML still is not).

[Although I note this is the same line of thinking that caused me to
speak out about "point data" at the meeting, so maybe I already made my
point... ;-]


On Tue, 14 May 2002, Ben Domenico wrote:

> The only problem I have with HTML is with the particular flavor generated
> by Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  Actually the newer (Mac) version seems
> to do a better job, but Word 2000 generates impenetrable HTML.  Those are
> the cases where we prefer to create PDFs.  We're looking into whether Word
> XP does a better job of creating web pages.

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